Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone hook-up!

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are a couple not only in "The Amazing Spider-Man", but also in real life.

5 Aug – "The Amazing Spider-Man" stars Andrew Garfield, 27-years-old, and Emma Stone, 22-years-old, was spotted getting cosy at a West Hollywood hotel bar where they reportedly spent the night together too, according to a report by US Weekly website.

The pair who have been dating since June, shared drinks and snacks and had an animated conversation at the bar, which lead to them taking up a hotel room for the night.

The British actor who plays the titular character in the upcoming Marvel reboot, apparently broke up with "Raising Hope" actress Shannon Woodward after filming on "The Amazing Spider-Man" took up so much of his time.

A source was quoted as saying, "They drifted apart as Andrew got deeper into filming "The Amazing Spider-Man"; he literally never saw her." The actor then became close to the flame-haired Stone on the set of "The Amazing Spider-Man" in which they both star and tried to keep their relationship quiet. "The Amazing Spider-Man" is expected for mid-2012 release in Malaysia and Singapore.