Henry Cavill as new Superman

Henry Cavill as the iconic Superman

31 Jan - Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures recently announced that Henry Cavill of HBO's "The Tudors" TV series will be donning the trademark blue and red uniform of the most iconic DC Comics superhero, Superman in the upcoming movie reboot due out for release in 2012.

Multiple online entertainment sites have been reporting that Henry Cavill was in the frontrunner position for the coveted role of Clark Kent/Superman, pushing other contenders in line vying for the most coveted role such as the likes of fellow HBO cast mate, Joe Manganiello of "True Blood".

Cavill, a near-hit and miss due to have previously lost out quite a number of famous movie roles before when he auditioned for the role of 2005's Batman only to lose out to Christian Bale, James Bond to Daniel Craig, "The Green Lantern" to Ryan Reynolds and last but not least, all thanks to Robert Pattinson, Cavill could have been Edward Cullen from "Twilight", as reported by

The new reboot will be directed by Zack Snyder ("300", "Sucker Punch"), who stated in an official press release: "In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognised and revered character of all time and I am honoured to be a part of his return to the big screen. I also join Warner, Legendary and the producers in saying how excited we are about the casting of Henry. He is the perfect choice to don the cape and S shield."

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