"Game Of Thrones" director for "Thor 2"

27 Dec – Veteran television director Alan Taylor has just been confirmed to be replacing Patty Jenkins to direct "Thor 2", according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Taylor is well known for his directorial effort for episodes on the small screen, and his latest is HBO's critically acclaimed "Game of Thrones". Besides, Taylor has also worked on a handful of episodes for "Boardwalk Empire", "Sopranos", "Sex And The City", "Six Feet Under" and "Mad Men".

Jenkins, director of the famed "Monster", was originally confirmed for directing the superhero sequel; however, Marvel Studios announced that they had parted ways with Jenkins due to creative differences on directing "Thor 2".

The ruckus escalated when some sources let out that Natalie Portman, the lead actress for "Thor", was not happy with Marvel's decision to stop working with Jenkins because she was very enthusiastic about having a female talent directing for a major superhero film like "Thor 2".

Despite that, Portman will return in the sequel as Jane Foster, Thor's love interest, with Australian star Chris Hemsworth reprising his role as the hammer-wielding Norse god and Tom Hiddleston as his nemesis, Loki.

After opening to positive reception and commercial success earlier this year, "Thor 2" will hit cinemas come November 2013.