New Disney shorts

Woody talking to a miniature Buzz in Pixar's new "Toy Story" short, "Small Fry".

19 Nov – It is now the latest trend to screen shorts before feature-length movies, as Disney has taken upon itself to do, by screening "Toy Story" special, "Small Fry" before "The Muppets", and "Tangled Ever After" before the 3D re-release of "Beauty And The Beast".

In "Small Fry", Buzz Lightyear is kidnapped by a Happy Meal-sized version of him in order to switch places. It has been likened to the Prince and the Pauper tale, with an interesting spin dubbed as 'toy psycho-therapy'.

Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and the rest of the cast will return to voice their characters. If that's not exciting enough, Jane Lynch of "Glee" fame is roped in to voice the vain support-group leader called, Neptuna, in the seven minute short.

"Small Fry" is scheduled to release in theatres with Disney's "The Muppets" this 8 December in Malaysia and Singapore.

Disney will also screen another spin-off from the highly successful "Tangled", titled "Tangled Ever After", which is a short film that follows the further mis-adventures of Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) and Flynn (Zachary Levi). "Tangled Ever After" will be shown before the 3D re-release of "Beauty And The Beast" this 14 February 2012 in Malaysia and Singapore.

Crafted by the original film's co-directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, the story continues with the couple on the eve of their wedding, although the focus will shift to Pascal the chameleon and Maximus, the haughty, scene-stealing steed.