Casting call for M'sia's horror film

Award-winning director Yeo Joon Han is set to direct the upcoming untitled horror feature film.

31 Aug – An opportunity has arrived for those who are looking to make it in the acting industry, as Amok Films have announced a casting call for their upcoming Chinese horror, which will also be Malaysia's first feature film of that genre that is produced for the international market.

The casting date and time for the currently untitled film is from 31 August to 2 September, between 12pm and 7pm. Those who are interested may click here for further details.

The film is set to be directed by award-winning director Yeo Joon Han, whose debut directorial feature was the local musical comedy "Sell Out!". "Sell Out!" tells the story of a low-ranking arts show host named Rafflesia Pong whose arts programme may be canned because of bad ratings. She has to come up with an ultimate reality show to beat her rival, so when her ex-boyfriend dies in front of the camera, Rafflesia knows she has the winning formula. She then has to find more interviewees to die for her reality series, leading her to cross paths with an unhappy, mild mannered, half English corporate employee named Eric Tan who wishes to create the ultimate soya bean machine.

Yeo Joon Han's directorial debut was the local musical comedy "Sell Out!", starring Peter Davis as one of the leads.

The award-winning 2008 film launched the career of cage-fighter turned model turned actor Peter Davis, who plays Eric Tan. According to the film's executive producer, Patrick Wee, they hoped that the upcoming horror film will also do the same for the two child actors.

The two child actors required are girls about 10 years old. It has been reported that one of the female leads and the sole male lead have been casted, although details of the latter are kept under wraps, except that he is a well-known international actor.

A Malaysian and Singaporean release have been confirmed for the film. Production is set to begin on 29 September.