"Chronicle" has people flying in NY

The "flying people" in the sky of New York.

6 Feb – A week ago, 20th Century Fox stunned thousands of New Yorkers with "flying people" in the sky of the Big Apple as part of its promotional campaign for its latest found-footage superhero film, "Chronicle", according to The Hollywood Reporter.

With a cast of relatively unknowns, Joshua Trank's "Chronicle" can hardly said to be a competent box office competitor, hence Fox's decision to create a viral campaign in New York City by sending 3 human-shaped RC planes flying in the air to obtain the crowd's attention. The movie itself is a story of three high school students who found themselves imbued with extraordinary superpowers after discovering an alien entity in the ground. While elated with their newfound powers at first, they are soon embroiled in a vicious struggle when one of them, Andrew, begins to use his powers for darker purposes.

Fox's marketing strategy had not only shocked the public with their illusion of "flying people", it also created a huge buzz on the Internet when a video of the scene appeared on YouTube, attracting more than five million hits. Moreover, the stunt was reported widely on the Today Show, Early Today, Bloomberg News, LA Times, ABC, NBC, KTLA and other media outlets nationwide.

People in the city were able to witness the planes darting in and out, and around New York City's remarkable landmarks, which include the Statue Of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and South Manhattan for about five minutes each flight. "Chronicle" is Trank's directorial debut, with a script written by Max Landis, who is also the son of director John Landis. It stars Dane DeHaan ("Jack And Diane"), Michael B. Jordan ("Red Tails") and Alex Russell ("Bait") as the three leads.

"Chronicle" is now showing in cinemas!