Emma Watson in Malaysia

Emma Watson doppelganger spotted at LCCT got the Twitter-verse buzzing.

27 Jan – "Harry Potter" starlet, Emma Watson's presence in Malaysia had got Netizens excited when the topic of 'Emma Watson in Malaysia' started trending on Twitter like wildfire. Sadly, it was just a case of mistaken identity by a curious fan.

Apparently, a person who happened to be passing a duty free store at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) Airport, spotted someone who was thought to be the British actress, what with the almost similar facial features and exact same hairstyle. Excitedly from a distance, he took a photo of the doppelganger and posted it on Twitter.

It took a matter of hours for the Twitter community to be rife with questions of the visit, however the speculation was unfounded as Watson's official Twitter page has not mentioned anything about her coming to Malaysia.

The topic of her appearance in LCCT arose again on local radio station Fly.FM yesterday morning when DJ's Nadia, Prem and Hafiz were discussing the matter. It came to a point that they contacted Watson's publicist over in the U.K who instantly refused to answer any of their questions and kept insisting that they send in an email.

The short conversation left the 3 radio DJs even more curious than before, which then led them on a hunt to contact 5-star hotels all over Kuala Lumpur but to no avail.

Watson is currently in U.S. to attend the promotional events of her latest movie, "My Week With Marilyn" which is nominated for two Oscars.