Mark Lee pressured by M'sian actors

Writer: Peter Chai

Mark Lee and co-star Maggie Shiu Mei Kei.

8 May – Veteran Singaporean actor and comedian Mark Lee has nothing but praises for his Malaysian co-stars regarding their brilliant acting in the upcoming horror comedy "Ghost Buddies", which also put him under a lot of pressure during filming.

"Malaysia has great acting talents everywhere. After shooting the film for 3 to 4 days, I started getting all tensed up for my role because all my co-stars performed so well. They are so creative; they knew how to find ideas to illustrate their characters! I need to work really hard to match up with them," said Lee.

"Ghost Buddies" is a local production presented by Double Vision Pictures and Astro Shaw, and lead actor Lee stars in it alongside well-known Hong Kong actress Maggie Shiu Mei Kei, Yao Wen Long, Lenny Ooi, Wee Kheng Ming, Lim Ching Miao and Chow Kee Moo. The film tells a humorous story of Ah Hui (Lee), a mortuary makeup artiste who tries to win over his dream valentine, Pearl's heart (Maggie) with the help of three ghosts.

Lee was glad to work with Maggie as he claimed that the foreign actress was not as egoistical as he thought she would be.

"Maggie is very nice and friendly despite her popularity. I had a hard time working with a foreign star in the past. He's from Taiwan and I was not pleased with his attitude, but I won't mention his name."

On the other hand, fans may be able to catch the stars again should they provide their utmost support to the movie as Maggie revealed that she would definitely return for the sequel of "Ghost Buddies" if the movie reaches RM3 million in the local box office.

"Ghost Buddies" will be released in cinemas in Malaysia on 10 May.

Cinema Online, 08 May 2012