Abigail Breslin in zombie drama

Writer: Dzamira Dzafri

Breslin has been picked to play a girl infected with a zombie virus in "Maggie".

27 Jul – Arnold Schwarzenegger is swapping his usual action-flavoured films for something a little quieter and, perhaps more deeply emotional in "Maggie".

The film is a zombie drama and it is based on a script from John Scott 3, about a father (played by Schwarzenegger) whose daughter is infected by a zombie virus that has spread across the country. Plagued with guilt and indecision, he decides to forego putting a bullet in her brain even as she slowly deteriorates, choosing instead to spend all the time she has left by her side.

Abigail Breslin is now officially been cast as the zombie-virus infected daughter of Schwarzenegger's father.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will stray away from his comfort zone from action films to a zombie drama!

Director Henry Hobson is making the leap from advertisements to film with "Maggie" being his feature film directorial debut. The shooting is currently set for this autumn.

Breslin, who became an in-demand young actress following her starring role in "Little Miss Sunshine", has most recently starred opposite Halle Berry in the hit thriller "The Call".

She has a number of films in the up and coming including franchise hopeful "Ender's Game" and "August: Osage County", which already is generating buzz for awards.

Cinema Online, 27 July 2013