Batffleck: Affleck is new Batman

Is Ben Affleck really the right choice for the well-known role?

23 Aug – Warner Bros. released a statement with an announcement saying that, "(Ben) Affleck and filmmaker Zack Snyder will create an entirely new incarnation of the character in Snyder's as-yet-untitled project, bringing Batman and Superman together for the first time on the big screen and continuing the director's vision of their universe, which he established in "Man Of Steel"."

The well-known actor has worked on many movies including "Armageddon", "Shakespeare In Love" and "Good Will Hunting", gotten himself into a very public relation with Jennifer Lopez years before, and has recently won himself the Best Picture Oscar for him film "Argo".

Casting an actor of high status has caused most of the superhero fans into a frenzy, but most of their opinions are mostly neutral or heavily against it.

"I think they really should have gone with someone lesser known and someone with an edgier reputation. I don't think he's going to do anything for the very raw version of Batman that Nolan has created," writes a fan about the issue.

Affleck will join Henry Cavill who will reprise his role as Superman.

With the fans' reactions, director Zach Snyder defends his decision, "Ben provides an interesting counter-balance to Henry (Cavill)'s Superman. He has the acting chops to create a layered portrayal of a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent and bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter, but retain the charm that the world sees in billionaire Bruce Wayne. I can't wait to work with him."

"We are so thrilled that Ben is continuing Warner Bros.' remarkable legacy with the character of Batman. He is a tremendously gifted actor who will make this role his own in this already much-anticipated pairing of these two beloved heroes," added Sue Kroll, President of Worldwide Marketing and International Distribution.

The yet to be titled Batman-Superman film; which will be about the two superheroes pitting against one another, aims to hit cinemas in July 2015. Henry Cavill will reprise his role as Superman as seen in "Man Of Steel" for the movie.

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