Bond actor is gay and married

Ben Whishaw as Q in "Skyfall".

5 Aug – British actor Ben Whishaw has confirmed recently that he is married to his boyfriend, Australian composer Mark Bradshaw, and entered into a civil partnership in Sydney last August.

The actor who played Q alongside Daniel Craig from the Bond films including "Skyfall" and Freddie from "The Hour", said that they married in a secret civil ceremony and it all happened last year.

"Ben has never hidden his sexuality, but like many actors he prefers not to discuss his family or life outside of his work," said his representative. "Due to speculation, I can confirm that Ben and Mark entered into a civil partnership in August 2012. They were proud to do so and are very happy."

Ben Whishaw with Mark Bradshaw.

The couple met in 2009 while filming the movie "Bright Star", which is based on the last three years of the life of poet John Keats and his romantic relationship with Fanny Brawne. Whishaw starred in the lead role as Keats while Bradshaw composed the soundtrack for the film.

Whishaw has been named one of the greatest actors of this generation, having made a successful transition from stage roles like Hamlet to television and cinema, such as in "Cloud Atlas" and James Bond film "Skyfall".

The BAFTA-winning actor had also been named as a potential replacement for Matt Smith in "Doctor Who", but he later dismissed the rumour saying, "I don't think you can be Q and Doctor Who. It would be a bit wrong." The new Doctor Who replacement however has officially been announced as actor Peter Capaldi.

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