Bryan Cranston for Lex Luthor

Bryan Cranston to be Lex Luthor?

27 Aug – With all the Ben Affleck buzz for Batman in the "Man of Steel" sequel, there's a large possibility that the "Breaking Bad" star will join the group as the famous villain Lex Luthor. Though it might not be 100% confirmed yet, the possibility for this happening is a lot stronger than it just being a rumour as Cranston reportedly has a "six appearance deal", in which he will show up in multiple Justice League-related movies!

Lex Luthor is the arch enemy of Superman, and as a high-status supervillain, he will also come into conflict with Batman and other superheroes in the DC Universe.

"DC is going to have all of their main characters liberally appearing, or at least mentioned, in all of their movies to portray a more connected world than what Marvel Studios has done so far," writes a source from Comic Book News.

Ben Affleck was recently picked to play Batman.

"Breaking Bad", the popular television show about a chemistry teacher turned meth dealer which stars Bryan Cranston, is currently in its fifth and final season and Cosmic Book News also writes that Warner Bros. plans to make the announcement of Cranston's involvement following the Breaking Bad series finale at the end of September in order to "dove tail" off of what's expected to be a huge ending for the show.

Bryan Cranston, who had also starred in films like "Drive" and "Argo" alongside Ben Affleck, said earlier this month he would be interested in portraying the character but he appeared to have been speaking in a non-serious matter about getting involved.

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