"Mean Girls" spin off "Mean Moms"

Writer: Jillian Cheong

"Mean Girls" executive producer Beth McCarthy is set to direct "Mean Moms"

The infamous dance number in "Mean Girls"

27 Jun – Reports have confirmed that New Line Cinema has chosen Beth McCarthy to direct "Mean Moms" which is a spin off from the popular 2004 comedy film "Mean Girls".

The comedy movie is loosely based on author Wiseman's "Queen Bee Moms & Kingpin Dads". The movie will revolve around the livelihoods of competitive mothers in a high-class suburb.

McCarthy has a long history as a director for "Saturday Night Live" and almost made her directing debut for "Tammy" along with "Mail Order Groom".

She also had to chance to work alongside Tina Fey in "Mean Girls" and even went on to direct a few episodes of "30 Rock".

With the success of "Mean Girls" in 2004 which also went on to serve as a pop culture, there is a possibility of "Mean Girls" musical that is on its way.

Cinema Online, 27 June 2013