Gibson directs "Expendables 3"

Will Mel Gibson say yes to Sylvester Stallone?

12 Apr – It's a known fact that Sylvester Stallone has always been ambitious when it comes to rounding up big names for his "Expendables" franchise. This time round, the "Rocky" star has his eyes on Mel Gibson to helm directing duties.

Expressing his thoughts via Twitter, Stallone had jokingly suggested the "Lethal Weapon" star to direct "Expendables 5" but later tweeted that the whole thing was a joke and followed up with: "No , I was kidding about [that] but seriously, what about Mel Gibson directing EXPENDABLES 3? "

Stallone had helmed directing duties for the first "Expendables" and later passed the hat on to Simon West for the sequel.

"The Expendables" franchise gets bigger by the instalment.

The film is best known for its ensemble of big action stars, including Stallone himself, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren and Jet Li. The last instalment had even featured a prolonged appearance of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis as well as Chuck Norris.

This time round, the star of "Rambo" is determined to get Jackie Chan in the mix, as well as going after the likes of Clint Eastwood, Steven Seagal and Harrison Ford.

Chan himself had once expressed interest if he were given a significant role and that the script would be focused on the buddy factor.

Currently, Gibson's representatives have stated that he is not involved in the project but who knows if his interest will get piqued by Stallone.

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