Silver Surfer to get movie

Silver Surfer last appeared in "Fantastic 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer".

7 Jul – The next few years will be extra busy for Marvel as "Silver Surfer" has just been added to the line-up of superhero films along with "Dr Strange", "Ant Man" and "The Guardians Of The Galaxy".

Comic book legend Stan Lee said that there is "no way" the character will not get a solo movie.

At the recent Wizard Con held in New York City, Stan revealed, "Back at Marvel, they are frantically looking for what is the next one they're going to do. There is no way they won't eventually do a Silver Surfer movie."

Stan Lee is convinced that there will be a Silver Surfer movie.

Created by him and artist Jack Kirby, the Silver Surfer is a superhero who was originally a young astronomer named Norrin Radd on the planet Zenn-La that first appeared in issue 48 of "The Fantastic Four" comic book. The character was featured in the 2007 movie "Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer" with Doug Jones as the Silver Surfer and Laurence Fishburne as the voice of the Silver Surfer. However, there are still no details on whether Jones and Fishburne will return to their roles as the herald of the planet devourer, Galactus.

Meanwhile, the "Fantastic Four" franchise will be getting a reboot with Josh Trank ("Chronicle") to direct.