Tim Burton's "Big Eyes"

Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams will play the leads in "Big Eyes".

7 Apr – After 2003's "Big Fish", Tim Burton returns with yet another 'Big', which is "Big Eyes", a biographical film about Walter and Margaret Keane.

The title of the film stems from the kitsch paintings of large-eyed waifs that Walter is known for painting. He is an artist known in the 1950's and 60's, following his marketing techniques of selling them cheaply in hardware stores and gas stations across the country, but what most people may not know is that the paintings were done by his shy wife Margaret in their basement and Walter only added his signature at the bottom.

The ruse eventually broke up their marriage, and when she tried to make it known that she authored the paintings, they ended up in a court battle. The case culminated in a dramatic courtroom showdown where Walter and Margaret are made to paint in front of the judge. Walter begged off, blaming a shoulder injury, while she dashed off her familiar big-eyed creation, and ultimately won the case.

Burton already has his stars for the roles of Walter and Margaret Keane, which are recent Oscar winner Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams.

Amy Adams as Lois Lane in "Man Of Steel".

The script was written by the screenwriters behind "Ed Wood", Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, and was supposed to be directed by the duo as well, with Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Reynolds for the leads. Burton was only acting as the film's producer, but one thing led to another and the "Frankenweenie" director ended being the director for the film as well.

No release date has been scheduled for "Big Eyes" yet.

Aside from biographical film, Burton is also developing a new take on "Pinocchio", with Robert Downey Jr. as Gepetto, an animated feature film titled "Deep", and an adaptation of "Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children".

Meanwhile, Waltz will next be seen in the animated fantasy-adventure film, "Epic", and Adams in "Man Of Steel".

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