Vin Diesel in Marvel film

Diesel in a scene from the box office hit "Fast And Furious 6"

Dr Strange - the primary protector of Earth, one of Marvel's upcoming projects.

27 Jun – "Fast and Furious" star, Vin Diesel revealed via his official Facebook page that Marvel has requested for a meeting with him, prompting rumours that the studio may want him to play a role in one of their superhero titles.

He wrote "P.s. Marvel has requested a meeting... no idea what for... haha, you probably know better than me..."

Many fans took to their social networking sites to express their excitement about the news and some are even speculating on possible superhero roles for the 45-year old actor.

As of now there are still no official reports on what could be involved in the meeting. Marvel is looking into casting for their films "Dr Strange" and "The Black Panther" so there might be a possibility that Diesel will been chosen to play the roles in either one of these two films.

Everything now is merely a speculation, as the possibilities for Diesel are endless. As for the Marvel fans, will Vin Diesel be suited to play a superhero or an antagonist?

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