Bruce Lee biopic in the making

Writer: Casey Lee

Director George Nolfi to direct "Birth of the Dragon"

5 Jun – A biographical picture of the late martial arts star Bruce Lee is in the works and has found its director in George Nolfi.

According to Variety, the currently titled "Birth of the Dragon" could be the second feature length film from "The Adjustment Bureau" helmer.

Written by screenwriting duo Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen Rivele, "Birth of the Dragon" will tell the story of Bruce Lee's duel with martial artist Wong Jack Man at San Francisco's Chinatown in 1965, before they both joined forces to take down Chinese gangsters ruling the streets.

The story would be told from the perspective of one of Lee's students, and was written by Wilkinson and Rivele since 2013. The duo is best known for writing 2001's "Ali", starring Will Smith and Oliver Stone's "Nixon" with Anthony Hopkins.

Bruce Lee in "Game of Death".

Aside from Nolfi's involvement being announced, there was no casting announcement made as shooting is expected to begin as early as next year.

Bruce Lee became a martial arts screen legend with "Fist of Fury" in 1972. He was making his fourth feature "The Game of Death" in 1973 before his untimely demise.

Cinema Online, 05 June 2014