John Green's "Looking For Alaska" is next

Sarah Polley will adapt John Green's first book, "Looking For Alaska".

29 Jun – After the success of "The Fault In Our Stars", another adaptation of John Green's novel is currently in progress. Paramount Pictures have now set their eyes on the talented Canadian actress and film director, Sarah Polley to adapt and possibly direct the film for Green's debut novel, "Looking For Alaska".

Sarah Polley had received an Oscar nomination in her twenties for her directorial debut film, "Away From Her". The film also won two Genie awards for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay in 2008.

Previously in 2005, Paramount Pictures had set Josh Schwartz, the producer of "The OC" to write and direct the adaptation of Green's "Looking For Alaska", but due to Schwartz's lack of interest, the production had been prolonged.

Sarah Polley will adapt John Green's first book, "Looking For Alaska".

Now, the Paramount project is confirmed to be back in action as even John Green had announced on his Twitter that Polley will be taking over the project.

According Hollywood Reporter, the book was inspired by the author's own high school experiences. The story centers on a 16-year-old boy named Miles Halter who enters a boarding school where he meets Alaska Young, a reckless girl who's the object of affection for most males at the school.

"The Fault In Our Stars" is John Green's first movie adaptation starring Shailene Woodly and Ansel Elgort is now showing in U.S. and Singapore and is set to release in Malaysia on 17 July.

Green's next novel adaptation is set for his book "Paper Towns", starring "The Fault In Our Stars" actor Nat Wolff as the lead.