Marvel filming Hulk movie in 2015

The Hulk might have his own movie from Marvels next year.

16 Sep – While fans are anticipating the release of the upcoming "Avengers" sequel, two of the "Avengers" stars are meanwhile teasing fans with the possibility of an upcoming solo movie project for The Hulk.

"Iron Man" Robert Downey Jr recently says he wants to see Hulk succeeding in a movie of his own. Confident in Marvel Studios' boost after the successful summer they have had, Downey Jr claims the movie is a possibility.

Lou Ferrigno, who voiced The Hulk in 2012's "The Avengers" as well as portrayed the green-skinned character in 1980s TV Series "The Incredible Hulk", revealed to Film Fad during an interview that filming for the upcoming Hulk movie will commence next year, after the filming for the second "Avengers" movie wraps up.

Ferrigno has mentioned a similar statement before, making fans anticipate that this news might be concrete after all. However, he also mentions that this is something that the studio is looking into at the moment, whether they come through with it or not will be another story.

In the meantime, fans of Marvel movies who want to see Hulk in action will just have to wait for next year's "Avengers: Age of Ultron", which is set for release in Spring 2015.

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