Tom Cruise wanted in Jobs biopic

Will there be another Jobs biopic in the end?

10 Dec – The upcoming Steve Jobs biopic faces another bump. The biopic has faced many problems from the start, what with actors repeatedly turning down the lead role offer.

After Christian Bale confirmed but then decided to cancel his participation as Jobs, it turns out that screenwriter Aaron Sorkin had wanted Tom Cruise as the lead actor, as revealed by the most recent leak from the ongoing Sony hack attack.

Cruise was Sorkin's choice because of the actor's ability to handle dialogues well, a much needed skill for the dialogue-heavy movie. However, that was a 'mission impossible' and the deal never came through especially since Sony decided to drop the biopic project, which has now passed on to Universal Pictures.

Sorkin wanted Cruise as Jobs.

According to The Wrap, Michael Fassbender has closed the deal to star as Steve Jobs while Seth Rogen is set to play fellow Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak.

Another actor reportedly receiving a Jobs offer is "Dumb and Dumber To" actor Jeff Daniels, who will be playing former Apple CEO John Sculley. Unfortunately for Natalie Portman's fans, the "Black Swan" actress who was offered the role of Jobs' daughter has decided to pass on it.

Last year's Steve Jobs biographical drama starring Ashton Kutcher was not well received in theaters. It opened in North American cinemas on 16 August 2013 at number seven and to date has only collected USD35 million worldwide.

The upcoming biopic, helmed by Danny Boyle, currently has no official title and no release date.

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