"American Sniper" shoots to number one

"American Sniper" shoots to number one in the U.S. chart.

20 Jan – Bradley Cooper starrer "American Sniper" makes a surprisingly speedy leap to number one from previous week's number 21 on the U.S. weekend box office chart for 15 to 18 January. In Malaysia, "I" debuted at first place and "Taken 3" maintains its number one hold on the Singapore chart.

"American Sniper" was given a limited release on Christmas day last year, during which it showed a promising future for its box office collection. After its official wide release in the U.S. on 16 January 2015, the film shoots to number one.

The Oscar-nominated film is director Clint Eastwood's biggest debut for a movie and is the largest January opening weekend of all time with its USD105.3 million gross. It will be coming to Singaporean cinemas on 22 January but there is currently no date set for a Malaysian release.

New movies "Paddington" with its opening weekend gross of USD25.2 million and "The Wedding Ringer" with USD24.5 million take second and third place, respectively, edging out last week's number one, "Taken 3", out from the top three.

Unfortunately for Chris Hemsworth-starrer, "Blackhat", the new movie is now considered the first big flop of the year. It tanked during its opening weekend, placing eleven and collecting only USD4.4 million, against its more than USD70 million budget.

"I" was Malaysia's number one last weekend.

In Malaysia, newly released Tamil movie "I" pushed "Taken 3" to number two, while another new release, "Into the Woods", opened at number three.

Over in Singapore, "Taken 3" still takes the lead at number one, leaving second place to "Into the Woods". "Blackhat" may have fared badly in the U.S. but it still manages to land on third place in Singapore.

Other new movies that opened in Malaysia last weekend are "Blackhat" – which was well-received enough to place fourth, "Villa Nabila", "Aambala", "Time is Money", "Big Eyes", "A Most Violent Year", "Alone", "Tracks" and "Cinta Di Kota Raja".

Also opening in Singapore last weekend are "I", "Aambala", "Bhopal: A Prayer For Rain", Parasyte 1", "Whiplash", "The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death", "Cardfight!! Vanguard The Movie: Neon Messiah", "Birdman", "Darling" and "Villa Nabila".

Box office takings for the weekend just gone (15 January - 18 January 2015)

1) I
2) Taken 3
3) Into The Woods
4) Blackhat
5) Villa Nabila
6) Seventh Son
7) Aambala
8) Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb
9) Time Is Money
10) The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies
1) Taken 3
2) Into The Woods
3) Blackhat
4) Birdman
5) The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death
6) Theory Of Everything
7) Parasyte 1
8) Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb
9) The Seventh Son
10) Bring Back The Dead
1) American Sniper
2) The Wedding Ringer
3) Paddington
4) Taken 3
5) Selma
6) The Imitation Game
7) Into the Woods
8) The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
9) Unbroken
10) Blackhat

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