"Ip Man 3" premiums at local cinemas

Donnie Yen returns in "Ip Man 3".

15 Dec – Come Christmas Eve, fans of martial arts movies will be treated to the third instalment of the "Ip Man" franchise.

That is not all, however, as there will also be "Ip Man 3" premiums available for purchase at various cinemas, including Shaw Theatres, Golden Village, Cathay Cineplexes, Filmgarde Cineplex, and WE Cinemas.

Fans can look forward to collecting the premiums, which include:

• T-shirts
• A3-sized poster
• Mugs (consisting of 2 designs)
• Vintage matchboxes (set of 8, exclusively at Shaw Theatres Premiere)

"Ip Man 3" premiums available for purchase.

The premiums' prices have yet to be revealed by the participating cinemas.

"Ip Man 3" sees the return of Donnie Yen as the titular character. This time Yen is joined by American former professional boxer Mike Tyson, who will play a thug Ip Man faces up against in the upcoming movie.

"Ip Man 3" kicks off on the big screen this 24 December.

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