Nominees for the National Youth Film Awards 2015

Writer: Florey DM

Jack Neo (middle, standing) is one of the juries for NYFA 2015.

2 Jul – *SCAPE is organising its very own film festival aimed to recognise the young, emerging talents in Singapore.

Open to full-time students and graduates under the age of 35, the inaugural National Youth Film Awards 2015 will be handing out awards under 12 different categories. The jury lineup includes the likes of "Ah Boys to Men" director Jack Neo, sound engineer Kazz Sato, "Sons" filmmaker Royston Tan and more.

"There is a severe lack of opportunity for talent recognition, and it is always the directors who get the exposure," said Sinema Old School co-founder Nicholas Chee, as quoted by Sinema.

"In a typical film production, many other crafts are involved. The National Youth Film Awards wants to recognize the contributions of each filmmaking department, and equally acknowledge the different individual roles played by each member of a film crew."

Nicholas Chee will be giving a talk at NYFA 2015 (Photo source:

Other than the award ceremony, there will also be other events and activities such as camera workshops with DP Matt Siegel, Adobe Creative Cloud workshop with industry veteran Karl Soule, and talks from Kazz Sato, Royston Tan as well as Nicholas Chee himself.

The nominee screenings will run on 18, 24 and 26 July 2015 at *SCAPE The TreeTop, Level 5, prior to the main award ceremony, which will take place on 2 August at *SCAPE The Ground Theatre, Level 2.

Below are some of the categories along with the shortlisted nominees who were announced today via the non-profit organisation's official website.

Best Direction Award
Ivan Yau – "AWOL (The Boy)"
Shane Lim – "November"
Annette Lee – "Keep Mum"
Inez Li-ee Ho – "Di Sana"
Jonathan Choo – "Hero"
Rachel Liew, Jonathan Choo – "Stroll"
Martin Hong – "Come Fly Away With Me"

Best Cinematography Award
Eugene Lee – "AWOL (The Boy)"
Jason Lau – "Insignificant"
Choo Han Pin – "Osmosis of Dad & The Love For Bubble T"
Kelvin Chew – "Come Fly Away With Me"
Inez Li-ee Ho – "Di Sana"
Kevin Ng Jia Quan – "Last Call"
Kelvin Chew, Farreha Jalil – "3 Seconds"

Best Screenplay Award
Gerald Seah, Mathias Choo – "10:30"
Hui Li Ting, Norazilah Amin – "Good Mourning"
Jonathan Choo – "Hero"
Siti Rahmah – "Vengeance is Mine"
Kenneth Lee – "AWOL (The Boy)"
Annette Lee – "Graduation"
Shane Lim, Angelica Ho – "November"

Best Editing Award
Chan Wei Ting Shelley – "Glitch"
Meldon Long – "ISAAC"
Siti Raudhah Bte Haidir, Christian Candelario – "The Bedok Chronicles : Communion"
Jonathan Choo – "Hero"
Grace Song – "November"
Yeo Zhiqi – "The Lift"

Best Performance Award
Amber Lin – "Chasing Tomorrow"
Hartini Binte Mohammad Ramli – "Dilarang Rumah"
Vester Ng Kian Soon – "ISAAC"

Check out the rest of the nominees at

Cinema Online, 02 July 2015

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