The Rock signs "Moana" contracts

Dwayne Johnson in his "Fast and Furious" mode.

3 Apr – Back in December last year, wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson excitedly shared the news that he will be starring in Disney's upcoming animated film, "Moana".

Recently, the "Furious 7" actor took to his personal Instagram to show proof that he was 100 percent committed to the film's lead role, showing a photo of himself signing the contract at Disney Studios.

The Rock, as he was popularly known in his wrestling days, will be warming up his vocals as the role of Maui will require him to belt out some notes; musical films are Disney's turf, after all. The movie, set for release in 2016, takes place around 2,000 years ago in Oceania, and follows a 14-year-old Polynesian girl on a sea voyage along with demi-God Maui in the Pacific Ocean.

Johnson was recently seen on the silver screen in "Fast and Furious 7", which opened in cinemas yesterday and has been enjoying a more-than-warm welcome from the audience. His most recent dabble in Disney-related production is when he played the titular deer in Saturday Night Live's sketch; a live-action gritty rendition of 1942's "Bambi".

Expect to see the 42-year-old next in "San Andreas", hitting the cinemas on 28 May.

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