Two stars eyed for "Spider-Man" reboot

Dylan O'Brien(left) and Logan Lerman(right) are set to replace Andrew Garfield (middle).

13 Feb – Two young actors have emerged as the possible candidates to take on the role of "Spider-Man" for the new franchise reboot following the partnership between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios.

According to Variety, Sony has mentioned several actors as being considered for the role, but the two possible actors that have been highlighted are Dylan O'Brien from "The Maze Runner" and Logan Lerman from "Percy Jackson".

It was also mentioned that Sony wants their Spider-Man to be in high school in the movie and both of the possible new Spider-Man actors that were chosen are 23-years-old.

However, both of the actors are yet to be approached.

Meanwhile, Sony is still considering whether if it wants the same Peter Parker in Spidey's suit or to introduce another character to swing around the city, Miles Morales, whose father is an African American and mother is Puerto Rican.

Daily Beast reported that Sony has also contacted former Spider-Man actor, Andrew Garfield, to explain what was happening with the character. They discussed Garfield potentially continuing the role too, but it seems like he is not keen with the character anymore.

Right now Sony will have to decide on picking its actor quickly, since Marvel will have to introduce the new Spider-Man in "Captain America 3: Civil War" that will be released in cinemas on 2016, before launching its own solo franchise in 2017.

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