"The Ring" is back after 13 years

One of the famous scenes from "The Ring".

24 Mar – After 13 years since director Gore Verbinski's "The Ring" was released, the sequel for the American remake of the Japanese horror film has finally begun its production.

According to ComingSoon, the upcoming film has been confirmed by Spanish director F. Javier Gutierrez via Twitter, saying that it will be a sequel film instead of a rumoured prequel.

The Wrap reported that the latest reboot will come from Paramount Pictures with a new title, "Rings", while Italian actress Matilda Lutz will star as the female lead of the film.

Moreover, the filmmaker also posted an Instagram picture revealing that the film has already started its production in Atlanta.

"The Ring" was originally written in a novel penned by Japanese writer, Kôji Suzuki, and eventually was adapted for the big screen in 1998 by Hideo Nakata.

Similar to its American remake starring Naomi Watts, the movie is basically about a girl's vengeful spirit who was transferred into a videotape after her death. Those who watch the videotape will be haunted by the spirit, and will only have seven days left to live.

The movie is set for release this November 13, 2015.

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