Thief returns Lupita's dress due to fake pearls

The USD150,000 dress decorated with 6,000 Akoya pearls worn by Lupita Nyong'o at the Oscars.

2 Mar – Lupita Nyong'o's USD150,000 Oscar dress that was stolen from her hotel room in Hollywood a few days ago has been returned by the thief himself.

According to TMZ, the thief called up to the gossip site and told them that he had left the Oscar dress back at The London West Hollywood's bathroom.

The thief contacted TMZ and told them that he knew where all the hidden cameras were placed in the hallway, which made the surveillance cameras unhelpful in catching him.

He even revealed how he stole the dress, saying that he had flung the Calvin Klein dress out of the hotel room's balcony and it was picked up by someone else from below.

Apparently the reason he returned the stolen dress that's sewn with 6,000 natural Akoya pearls, was because the thief said that he found out that the pearls on the dress were fake.

He took two of the pearls off from the dress and to the Garment District for appraisal, only to find out that they were worthless fakes.

No arrests have been made, but Michael White of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said, "Whether the jewels on the dress are fake or real, we still have a burglary and we still have a grand theft."

However, TMZ reports that the Calvin Klein representatives never told police if the dress pearls were real or fake. It was only Nyong'o's stylist who was the one who indicated the pearls were real.

The thief also told TMZ that he saw Nyong'o's Oscar gift bag worth USD125,000 in the room, which he did not take.

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