Damian Lewis to take on "Ocean's Eight" villain role

The "Homeland" star is set to pit against Sandra Bullock and co in the upcoming film.

7 Dec – An all-female spinoff of the popular heist franchise, "Ocean's Eleven" trilogy, has gotten Emmy Award winner Damian Lewis as its villain.

Lewis was reportedly spotted on the set back in October but according to Variety, the star has now been confirmed to play the part.

This will see him playing the former lover of Sandra Bullock who according to the storyline is an estranged sister to George Clooney's Danny Ocean (The lead character in the original "Ocean's" trilogy).

With a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award under his belt, fans can stay optimistic on the "Homeland" star's potential performance in the action flick.

Named "Ocean's Eight", the movie features a stellar cast such as Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway and Rihanna among others.

"The Martian" star Matt Damon is also tapped for a small cameo in the movie with the possibilities of him reprising his "Ocean's Eleven" role as Linus Caldwell, the naive member of the crew.

The movie is scheduled to be released sometime in June 2018.

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