From brothers, to siblings and now the Wachowski sisters

Pictured with sister Lana Wachowski (right), Andy Wachowski (left) will now be addressed as Lilly Wachowski.

9 Mar – First it was Lana Wachowski who came out as a transgender woman around 2008, eight years later and her brother Andy, is now her sister, Lilly Wachowski.

The other Wachowski sibling that co-created "The Matrix" trilogy came out as a transgender woman after making an announcement yesterday.

Lilly told Windy City News in a statement that she was at risk of being out casted by the media after she was approached by a reporter at the U.K. outlet of the Daily Mail that asked her for a picture and her story to be reported. Lilly went on to reject the reporter by slamming Daily Mail's history with transgender issues.

She said, "It was the 'news' organisation that had played a huge part in the national public outing of Lucy Meadows, an elementary school teacher and trans woman in the U.K., and now here they were, at my front door, almost as if to say - 'There's another one! Let's drag 'em out in the open so we can all have a look!'" "So yeah, I'm transgender," she went on. "And yeah, I've transitioned."

Andy Wachowski will now be addressed as Lilly Wachowski. (Photo Source:

Nick Adams, the GLAAD program director for transgender media sent out a statement celebrating the news, including a warning to the media, "GLAAD is thrilled that Lilly Wachowski is able to be her true and authentic self today, however, she should not have been forced to disclose her transgender identity before she was ready to do so. Journalists must learn that it is unacceptable to out a transgender person, in the same way it is unacceptable to out a person who is gay, lesbian, or bisexual."

The Wachowskis are American film directors, screenwriters, and producers who rose to fame with "The Matrix" trilogy.

Their recent works include "Cloud Atlas", "Jupiter Ascending" and the Netflix TV series, "Sense8".

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