Hong Kong director features Penang in new movie

"Miss Sunshine" director and cast at the recent press conference.

10 Aug – There's a reason why Hong Kong director Clifton Ko has chosen Penang, Malaysia as the main location for his new movie, "Miss Sunshine" starring big names like Maggie Cheung and Annie Liu, and that is because the island feels like two different places at once.

As reported on Sinchew, the director, who appeared at the press conference held in Penang alongside some of the cast members recently, stated, "I began preparing for the movie six months ago. I could have chosen any other place but after taking into account so many things, I decided to do it in Penang."

"I like Penang. At a glance, it's like Hawaii. But it also feels like home, since there is a strong continuation of the Chinese culture in Penang," he said.

Clifton stated that while most productions would go to Thailand, he finds it easier to do it in Penang as there is no barrier of communication.

Singapore-based Malacca-born Christopher Lee (middle) is happy
to be working in Malaysia again (Photo source: Laksou).

Actress Michelle Wai, who also attended the press conference, admitted that she met new friends through the production.

"Our common topic was durian. We even went to durian hill on our break for freshly fallen durians," she said.

Apart from Maggie Cheung, Annie Liu and Michelle Wai, "Miss Sunshine" also stars Singapore-based Malaysian actor Christopher Lee, Shirley Yeung, Louis Cheung, Alex Fong and Tse Kwan-Ho.

(Photo source: Laksou)