Wolverine reveals his Old Man "Logan" look

"Logan" will be Hugh Jackman's final appearance as the clawed hero.

20 Oct – The buzz surrounding the third "Wolverine" solo movie has been gaining momentum following the teaser poster debut of "Logan".

But, here lies the all-important question: how does Hugh Jackman look like as Old Man Logan?

After all, "Logan" has already been widely reported as Jackman's final appearance as Logan/Wolverine and surely, we are expecting him to pull off that crucial look.

The first official look at the older Wolverine has finally been unveiled by director James Mangold on his official Twitter account.

Strikingly photographed in a moody black-and-white picture, Hugh Jackman certainly nails the "Old Man Logan" look complete with rugged beard and scarred expression.

According to Mangold, the new Wolverine is getting older and his healing factor isn't working like it used to.

Hugh Jackman as Old Man Logan in "Logan".

The forthcoming "Logan" reportedly takes place in 2024 where Logan/Wolverine's self-healing power has decreased. The eponymous protagonist is also set to reunite with his old mentor Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), who has grown frail and unstable.

When a young mutant girl is captured by an organisation known as Transigen to turn her alongside other underage mutants into living weapons, they embark on their final adventure for a rescue attempt.

With "Logan" looking good at this point, here's hoping the final product itself is just as noteworthy when it slashes into our cinemas in 2017.

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