"Ouija" prequel is officially "Origin of Evil"

The first "Ouija" film is a huge success.

24 Jun – Universal Pictures has announced the official title as well as the confirmed release date for the upcoming "Ouija" prequel, which was previously titled as "Ouija 2".

Now officially called "Ouija: Origin of Evil", the prequel will hit the cinemas in North America on 21 October 2016.

The story follows a widowed mother and her two daughters who decide to add a new stunt to boost their séance scam business, but everything goes awry when they unknowingly invite an evil spirit into their home.

Ready to play the haunting board game?

Even when produced on a small budget, most good horror movies tend to make money at the box office, making horror a profitable genre in the movie industry, as proven by recent successful box office hits like "Conjuring", "Annabelle", and "The Conjuring 2".

Even the first "Ouija" film is a huge success as it managed to garner over USD103 million on a USD5 million budget.

"Ouija: Origin of Evil" is directed by Mike Flanagan, starring Elizabeth Reaser, Annalise Basso, Lulu Wilson, Henry Thomas, and Parker Mack.

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