Brad Pitt's "World War Z 2" back on track?

Brad Pitt starring in "World War Z" as Gerry Lane.

28 Apr – Back in February, the sequel to the Brad Pitt-starrer "World War Z" was said to have gotten taken off the roster because of a production set back-in which the chosen director left to work with dinosaurs instead of zombies.

Now, Variety is saying that the project could potentially be back on thanks to Brad Pitt's persistent scouting for a new director, which now comes in the form of "The Social Network" helmer David Fincher.

Pitt has been searching for people to direct the sequel since last year and Fincher has always been his first choice.

Pitt and Fincher are familiar with each other, having previously worked together for three movies: "Se7en", "Fight Club" and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" of which both actor and director received Oscar nominations for.

Fincher is said to be uncaring of sequels, he's made his displeasure clear when he was working on "Alien 3", but he's willing to be open to the idea of helming "World War Z" because Pitt reached out to him personally.

Director David Ficher (left) and Paramount Pictures' new CEO, Jim Gianopulos
(Photo source: Indiewire | Variety).

If Fincher does take up the project, then this will be the first time he's directed a film in years – his last one being "Gone Girl" – and the fourth film he's worked on with Pitt. Lately, Fincher has focused his attention on the little screen, having recently helmed Netflix's "Mind Hunters".

But for now, nothing has been confirmed or finalised.

Meanwhile, Gianopulos took over Paramount's reins about a month ago, and has since then been deciding on which projects to pursue or drop.

He hasn't officially greenlit the "World War Z" project, but there is a good chance it would happen if Fincher does agree to it. Gianopulos is an acquaintance of Fincher, having worked with him for "Gone Girl", which Gianopulos himself greenlit while he was the chairman of 20th Century Fox.

"World War Z" had Pitt star as Gerry Lane, who escaped the zombie outbreak in Philadelphia with his family. The 2013 film was quite successful at the box office, grossing USD540 million, thus solidifying the possibility of a sequel.

If "World War Z 2" does happen, then it most probably won't have the same 2017 release date it had before.

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