Disney-Pixar sues and wins against China's "Cars" copycat

Posters for "The Autobots" (left) and "Cars 2" (right).

3 Jan - Chinese animation director Zhuo Jianrong and the companies G-Point and Bluemtv have lost their plagiarism case against Disney and Pixar.

As reported on ECNS News, the Shanghai New Pudong District People's Court ruled in favour of the animation giants, saying that the defendants infringed on the intellectual property rights of the two companies.

They are therefore ordered to pay RMB 1.35 million (approx. USD 194,1000) in damages to Disney-Pixar.

The issue started in 2015, when Zhuo's animated feature, "The Autobots" was accused of plagiarising Disney-Pixar's "Cars".

Many claimed that Zhuo's characters K1 and K2 completely resemble the characters "Lightening McQueen" and "Francesco Bernoulli" from "Cars" and "Cars 2".

It is also noted that the title itself was copied from another Hollywood movie, "The Transformers".

However, Zhuo dismissed these allegations, saying that he had never seen the said movie and that his film has a completely different story. He is also adamant about appealing the verdict.

In other related news, back in November 2016 it was reported that Hollywood's "Mad Max Fury Road" also has a Chinese duplicate called "Mad Shelia", where the trailer seems to show a scene by scene remake of the original film.

Notice the similarities?

Disney-Pixar's third "Cars" movie titled, "Cars 3", is set to be released in August of this year and will see the return of its voice-cast; Owen Wilson, Larry The Cable Guy and more.

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