Jackie Chan says his "The Foreigner" role is very different

Jackie Chan in "The Foreigner".

25 Aug - Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan recently revealed one of the reasons for accepting the role in his new English-language movie, "The Foreigner" - it's a character he has never played before.

As reported on Tencent, the actor, who joined his cast members at the press conference of the said movie in Beijing recently, revealed that he has actually received a lot of offers from Hollywood to star in their blockbuster films, but decided not to take any of it due to the fact they all want him to play the same type of role.

"I don't want to continue playing the role of a Chinese kung fu master or a police officer from Hong Kong. I would rather try something new than repeat the same thing," he said.

When asked why he chose to film "The Foreigner", Jackie said that it was a character that he never tried before with a production that is new to him.

In "The Foreigner", Jackie plays a London business owner seeking vengeance over the death of his daughter in a terrorist act, which leads to a conflict with a British government official who may have an information that he needs.

Said Jackie, "It's a completely different type of film. I have never worked in a British action film before, so I decided to try it," he said.

The upcoming movie, set to be released in late September, is based on the 1992 novel, "The Chinaman" by Stephen Leather.

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