James Wan to produce Dutch horror film

James Wan's "Saw" franchise also got its start as a short film.

15 Sep – It seems that the trend of developing horror shorts into full-length feature is continuing with James Wan's latest appointment as the producer for "Sweet Tooth".

The Dutch horror short is here to join the line-up with New Line picking it up for a big screen adaptation, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Having established himself as a big name in the horror genre with credit ranging from "Insidious", "The Conjuring", "Annabelle" to "Annabelle: Creation", the adapted feature will definitely be in good hands with Wan producing it alongside "Final Destination" and "The Butterfly Effect" producer Chris Bender.

Making its premiere last July at Montreal's Fantasia International Film Festival, the five-minute short film follows a woman who, after watching the news, discovers that her neighbours – a mother and her two children – have been killed. Being at home alone, the horror begins when she starts hearing sounds of the children's laughter and running.

A still from the Dutch horror short film, "Sweet Tooth".

The feature will have its original filmmaker Nico van den Brink on board to helm it. A new writer will also be hired to smooth-line the adaptation.

A better team couldn't have be chosen for "Sweet Tooth", with New Line's latest horror film "It" continuing to break records in just two weeks of screening, and Wan is known for his capability of grossing millions out of the horror genre.

Like "Sweet Tooth", some of the movies that have successfully transitioned from short to feature include James Wan's own "Saw" franchise, Sam Raimi's "The Evil Dead", Fred Walton's "When a Stranger Calls", David F. Sandberg's "Lights Out" and the critically acclaimed Jennifer Kent's "The Babadook".

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