Kirsten Tan's next project is an anthology

Writer: Nur Iman Syasya

Director Kirsten Tan is working on her next film, "667".

3 May – Kirsten Tan, director of the Singapore-Thailand film "Pop Aye", wastes no time in making her next project and is already in the final stages of her second film.

Her second work is an omnibus film titled "667", which is done in different Chinese dialects and a collaboration of five Singaporean directors including Tan.

Tan's part of the anthology is done in Teochew. Her short film focuses on Teochew opera; more specifically, the classic and popular 15-minute Teochew opera, "Wu Song Sha Sao".

"Even though I've always been intrigued by Teochew opera, I have to admit that my relationship with my own Teochew dialect group is tenuous at best - I never found a way to understand and access that Chinese art form," said Tan, as quoted by Channel News Asia.

The director aims to give the younger viewers a glimpse into the world of Teochew opera and to let them better understand it, adding that working on the project had made her discover the Teochew opera's rich world and see that the rapidly vanishing art form in Singapore needs more exposure to the younger crowd.

The main characters of Kirsten Tan's directorial debut, "Pop Aye": Thana and his elephant, Popeye.

"667" is created as a part of the inaugural SCCC (Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre) Cultural Extravaganza, which runs from 20 to 27 May 2017.

The film is executive produced by Singaporean filmmaker, Royston Tan. The four other Singaporean filmmakers involved in the anthology are He Shuming, Liao Jiekai, Eva Tang and Jun Chong.

The aim of the film is to bring past and present closer together and allow different generations a chance to better understand, appreciate, preserve and pass on Singapore's heritage.

"667" will be screened this 25 May.

The fact that Kirsten Tan was chosen to be a part of the film is no surprise. Despite being a complete newbie in the filmmaking industry, her very first film "Pop Aye" has been winning awards left and right.

Most recently, "Pop Aye" won a prize at the Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival's ASEAN Film Competition, which took place last week. It walked away with the Jury Prize while Indonesian director Yosep Anggi Noen's "Solo Solitude" won the Best ASEAN Film title.

(Photo source: The Straits Times | National Arts Council)

Cinema Online, 03 May 2017

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