Parents to make a movie based on daughter's organ donation

Writer: Farah Hanis

Photos of Carmen Mark whose donated organs saved eight people.

18 Sep – Death doesn't stop a good deed as proven with the case of Carmen Mark, when her death in 2015 allows eight others to continue their lives.

Her parents, Mark Kok Wah and Ariess Tan, have decided to continue inspiring others and promote the nobility of organ donation by making a movie based on their daughter's story.

They will also be setting up a Carmen Mark Foundation, as reported by The Straits Times.

"We will give all the rights and proceeds of the film to the foundation to make it sustainable," Mark said.

Ariess Tan and Mark Kok Wah wants to raise awareness on organ donation (Photo source: The Malaysian Insight).

The Carmen Mark Foundation will serve as a charity to distribute funds to welfare homes and families with children who have arteriovenous malformation (AVM), which Carmen had.

Shortly after her arrival in Singapore to further her studies in 2015, Carmen died when an arterial rupture in her brain left her in a three-week coma. She was 18.

But in death, a lifesaver was born when her organs were donated to eight patients. Both Mark and Ariess decided to sign their consent for the donation after remembering the Penang girl's wish of being an organ donor, which she had talked about when she was 16.

Mark teared up as he listened to the sound of Carmen's heartbeat during a meeting with one
of his daughter's organ recipients, Serene Lee (Photo source: Aileen Teo | The Straits Times).

"The taboo among Asians on organ donation is hindering many lives from being saved," Mark said and he hopes that by coming forward, an impact can be created and people's perspectives on the gift of life can be changed.

"It was very hard for me but I had to do it for I believe she's not completely gone.

"She's still around in Singapore for me."

The husband and wife did not divulge further on whether the movie will be filmed in Malaysia or Singapore or both, but it is know that Mark is already working on the script at the moment.

(Photo source: Audrey Tan I The Straits Times)

Cinema Online, 18 September 2017