There's still hope for a "Spaceballs" sequel!

Can you guess which characters they're meant to parody?

30 May – Multi-award winning director Mel Brooks recently spoke of his interest in making the sequel for his 1987 sci-fi parody "Spaceballs" a reality.

Last week, during a Q&A session for "Young Frankenstein", Brooks was asked on the chances of the sequel happening any time soon.

Brooks answered: "Well, you know, I'm doing it. MGM is slightly interested in doing it because of "Star Wars", "Rogue One", "The Force Awakens", the new "Star Wars" explosion. They think maybe, so we're talking."

"Spaceballs" is a parody of a number of popular sci-fi films and shows, most notably "Star Wars".

It had characters called Pizza the Hutt, Lone Starr and Dark Helmet (who was mostly remembered for his large helmet). The movie even had laser swords and the Force is dubbed the Schwartz here.

"The Schwartz is strong in you!".

We've been teased mercilessly about a possible sequel for years, so most of us have lost hope on the sequel ever happening.

If "Spaceballs 2: The Search For More Money" (as named by Master Yogurt) ever does get greenlit, then they might have to come up with an entirely new cast since John Candy has passed away and Rick Moranis is all-but-retired at this point.

But then again, maybe fans would prefer a CGI Barfolomew compared to a CGI Princess Leia.

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