"Train to Busan" director starts filming superhero movie

Yeon Sang-ho, directing "Train To Busan".

19 Apr – Yeon Sang-ho, the director of the internationally-acclaimed hit zombie thriller "Train to Busan", has started filming his new movie, "Psychokinesis".

Per Screen Daily, "Psychokinesis" will star Ryu Seung-ryong ("Miracle in Cell No. 7") and Shim Eun-kyung ("Miss Granny").

"Psychokinesis" follows Ryu as an ordinary man who suddenly finds that he has superpowers. He uses those powers to help his daughter (played by Shim) and the people around them.

Jung Yu-mi, who played the pregnant passenger in "Train To Busan" will also play a role in the movie. Other members of the cast include Park Jung-min ("Dongju") and Kim Min-jae ("The Shameless").

"I'm honoured to be working with these good actors and staff again," said Yeon. "I'll make a good film that lives up to everyone's expectations."

Before this, Ryu and Shim were also the voice actors for Yeon's animated "Train to Busan" prequel, "Seoul Station".

In "Seoul Station" Ryu voiced a man whose daughter, voiced by Shim, was a runaway and a prostitute. Shim made a brief appearance in "Train To Busan", signifying that the events of the movie were set to happen a day after "Seoul Station".

"Train to Busan" premiered during the Cannes Film Festival last year. Since then, it has racked up over USD135 million worldwide.

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