Feng Xiaogang denies writing open letter to Cui Yongyuan

Feng Xiogang keeps mum over tax evasion scandal rumours.
29 Jun–Feng Xiaogang has denied writing an open letter to host Cui Yongyuan, which has been circulating online recently.

According to Epoch Times, a letter reportedly written by Feng to Cui turned viral online, in which the filmmaker supposedly explained his silence regarding the recent tax evasion scandal.

The scandal sparked last month, when Cui shared online about the existence of a "ying yang contract" - in which an artiste or a company signs two different contracts in an attempt to avoid paying higher tax - seemingly accusing Feng of doing the same thing for his new movie, "Cell Phone 2".

In the letter, Feng supposedly told Cui that he is not afraid of anyone in this world, but that he decided to clarify the issue so that the rumours will stop spreading.

The letter also implied that Cui's "stepping on other people" was a "bad move", and that there is "no permanent friends or permanent enemies, only permanent interests".

On 25 June, Feng's camp released a statement on social media, saying that the supposed open letter was not written by the filmmaker himself and that it was deliberately fabricated.

However, Feng gave no response regarding Cui's claims about the "Cell Phone 2" contracts.



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