Jackie Chan: Adopt, don't shop!

Jackie with his two golden retrievers.

27 Feb – "Adopt, don't shop." That's what Jackie Chan recently asked his fans to do in the Year of the Dog.

The actor, who is a big supporter of the People for the Ethical Treatments of Animals (PETA) organisation, shared a photo of him and his two golden retrievers, JJ and Jones on Facebook, and wrote, "I'm sure my fans and friends already know that I have two golden retrievers, and they've been with me for many years. One is called JJ, the other is called Jones. They're getting old and a lot of health problems are starting to come. I always miss them when I'm not in Hong Kong."

"But I think compared to the lonely stray dogs on the street who have no one to look after them, JJ and Jones are very lucky. In support of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Organization in Asia), I'd like to make an appeal to all pet lovers around the world to try adopting a pet instead of buying commercially bred animals. I hope everyone can be more compassionate towards stray dogs, stray cats, and other stray animals.

"This year is the [Year of the Dog], and I'd like to take this opportunity with JJ and Jones to send you our well wishes! We hope you have a wonderful Chinese New Year! May the year of the dog bring you good luck and prosperity! And may everything flourish in great ways!" he added.

In other related news, fans are eagerly awaiting Jackie to partner up with Chris Tucker once again for the fourth "Rush Hour" installment as the latter has recently spoken up that he would like to reunite with Jackie for the Hollywood action franchise.

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