Jet Li nearly died while filming "Fearless"

Jet Li in "Fearless".

25 Oct – Although getting injured and risking one's life is part and parcel of being a martial art star, actor Jet Li recently revealed that there was a time during his career that he felt that he was closer to death than ever.

As reported on Singtao Daily, the "Once Upon a Time in China" star, who has been spending a major part of his career doing action and martial arts movies, recently sat down for an interview where he revealed that he almost died while filming his 2005 movie, "Fearless".

Jet shared that he was filming the period movie in the mountains when he fell on the grass from a 12-foot tower.

"The first two to three days I felt fine. But on the fourth day, I began to think that I might be dying. I began to lose control of my bodily functions and my breath became weaker," he said.

Jet said that the crew immediately brought out an oxygen tank to help him with his breathing, but could not open it. They eventually carried him down the mountain at night to seek emergency care - a journey that took the team three hours.

"I could still remember the feeling very clearly. At the time, I thought, if you sell me an oxygen tank for a million dollar, I would buy it right away. Yet, what use is money at the time? I wouldn't be able to get it even if I have a million on me," he said.