A "Supergirl" movie is coming next!

Melissa Benoist plays The CW's version of "Supergirl".

7 Aug – Watch out Superman, your cousin Supergirl is here to take your place in saving the world!

A recent development in the perpetual superhero movie world has revealed that Warner Bros and DC will now be making a solo movie for Supergirl.

Oren Uziel who has worked on films like "22 Jump Street" and the recent "Cloverfield Paradox" is tapped to work on the script for "Supergirl", and is the only name announced so far according to Deadline.

The current version of "Supergirl" on TV is the Warner Bros owned The CW's series of the same name now in its fourth season, starring Melissa Benoist.

Although it is still too early to speculate on the casting of the movie version, it is assumed that auditions would soon be underway, and it won't be easy to find that perfect fit too, as the near-perfect Benoist has grown on to be a fan favourite.

Expect a similar backlash like when Ezra Miller was announced as the movie version of The Flash - first appearing at the end of "Batman V Superman" and then "Justice League" - over fan-favourite Grant Gustin of The CW series.

Also, this might be Warner Bros big chance in introducing a new actor aside from Henry Cavill to play Superman (if he is even set to appear in this movie)- just like Warner Bros' recent plan for different actors playing different movie iterations for The Joker.

As a recent example, previously it was reported that Joaquin Phoenix will play the psychotic DC villain in a new Joker movie set in the '80s, while Jared Leto will also continue on with his Joker version following the "Suicide Squad" timeline.

So, not only will "Supergirl" be one to watch for being another heroine aside from "Wonder Woman" in the DC Extended Universe slate, but also for possible versions of other heroes and villains it might introduce.

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