Teresa Mo won't stick to one genre

Teresa Mo in "Tomorrow Is Another Day".

23 May – Although she has won the Hong Kong Film Awards' Best Actress accolade, Teresa Mo is not one to choose only a specific type of movie for her future projects.

According to Mingpao, the actress who appeared at a charity event recently, stated that she picks her roles based on the script, rather than the genre of the movie.

"I like comedy too. It's not easy to make people laugh. If it's something realistic and is able to spark public discussions, that would be even better," she said.

As for her future projects, Teresa shared that she has received some scripts, but that she will consider Hong Kong productions first.

"I am currently busy with a food-related project right now," she added.

The actress' latest known project is the Wong Jing-produced comedy action movie, "Enter the Fat Dragon", co-starring Donnie Yen, which is tentatively scheduled for release next year.

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