This "The Nun" promo is deemed too terrifying for a YouTube ad

A screengrab from the offending ad. (Sorry for the nightmare).

15 Aug – You know you're working it as a horror movie when people are scared of you before you're even released in cinemas.

That's the case with "The Conjuring" spinoff, "The Nun", which has been terrifying poor souls everywhere even prior to hitting the big screens.

While trying to lure YouTube users to catch it when it opens in cinemas next month, the team behind the movie decided to promote it using a jump scare ad that proved to be so terrifying it is now no longer allowed as an ad on the streaming platform.

It was brought to the attention of YouTube by a Twitter user, who asked her post to be retweeted to "save a life".

YouTube's response to a Twitter user's post about the ad.

Understandably, there are those with anxiety issue who might be scarred by the 6 seconds of mayhem, so YouTube has responded by removing it, stating that the ad violates their shocking content policy.

To those who are saved from watching the ad but still curious about it, here's a description of it: The ad opens with a speaker icon on a black background, warning viewers to turn down their devices' volume. Of course, before you could even do so, a demonic nun has now suddenly appeared, screaming at the top of its lungs.

Or if your power of imagination isn't at its strongest, you can just watch the re-uploaded ad below.

If you clicked on this, the nightmare's on you.

"The Nun" is opening in Malaysia and Singapore this 6 September and a day later on 7 September in Cambodia.


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