Don Lee might make Hollywood debut in Angelina Jolie-led Marvel movie

Don Lee is set to make his Hollywood debut.

18 Apr - After starring in several Korean blockbusters, now it's time for Ma Dong-seok a.k.a. Don Lee to take on Hollywood.

Even though he's been receiving offers from American productions since gaining international fame with 2016's "Train to Busan", he has yet to accept any.

Things might soon change, according to a report from TheWrap, as the actor has been tapped for a role in Marvel's "The Eternals".

Even though he grew up in America, his acting career is built in South Korea, so this will mark his debut in an American feature film. He will be joining a cast led by Angelina Jolie, who is in talks to play a female Eternal named Sersi, and Kumail Nanjiani, whose role is still unknown.

Don Lee's own role in the movie has yet to be revealed, though there are fans speculation that he might play characters like Zuras and The Forgotten One, no doubt due to his buff physique, or an Asian character.

He won't be the only Asian in the cast, however, as The Hashtag Show is reporting that the movie is also currently looking for a young 20-something gay or bisexual actor to fill in the role of James. The gay male lead is described as "intellectual, emotional, and has a strong sense of family."

Reportedly, the studio is eyeing "How to Get Away with Murder" actor Conrad Ricamora for the part.

While fans wait for further update on who's playing what, they can first see Don Lee in action in this year's "The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil".

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