Chris Evans does not approve of CGI James Dean

Chris Evans is not amused by James Dean's CGI casting.
Chris Evans is not amused by James Dean's CGI casting.

8 Nov – It was just yesterday that news broke about the casting of Hollywood legend James Dean in upcoming Vietnam war drama "Finding Jack", today social media is flooded with fellow actors sounding off against it.

"I'm sure he'd be thrilled," Chris Evans posted on Twitter. Lest anyone gets the wrong message, the eye roll emoji at the end of the sentence should clue in on the "Captain America" star's actual thought.

"This is awful. Maybe we can get a computer to paint us a new Picasso. Or write a couple new John Lennon tunes. The complete lack of understanding here is shameful," he added.

This refers to the fact that while James Dean will be appearing in the movie, it wouldn't be physically since the actor passed away at age 24 in a car accident in 1955, which means his appearance will instead be in the form of "full body" CGI using actual footage and photos.

Another actor will provide the voice.

James Dean became the first actor to receive a posthumous Oscar nomination for
Best Actor for his role in "East of Eden", followed by a second one for "Giant".

Other big names that share Evans' opinion include Elijah Wood, who simply posted, "NOPE. this shouldn't be a thing" and Bette Midler, who wrote, "Don't ever let anyone tell you things have gotten more difficult for white guys in Hollywood. Even dead ones can still get a job."

Dylan Sprouse also said that news of the CGI casting should be read as: "Found a new way to rob graves of dead icons and milk the masses for less!"

Grammy award-winning Diane Warren, who is writing the music for the movie, tweeted that she was just glad the production hired a living person for that part.

The Hollywood Reporter brought word of the casting yesterday, in which Anton Ernst, who is directing and producing alongside Tati Golykh, was quoted as saying, "We searched high and low for the perfect character to portray the role of Rogan, which has some extreme complex character arcs, and after months of research, we decided on James Dean."

The late actor's family reportedly views this as his "fourth movie" – he had only starred in "East of Eden", "Rebel Without a Cause" and "Giant" prior to his death – and supports the production.

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