Lin Shaye, Nicolas Pesce talk "The Grudge" at Comic Fiesta 2019

Actress Lin Shaye with director Nicolas Pesce at the "The Grudge" special stage on Day 1 of Comic Fiesta 2019.
Actress Lin Shaye with director Nicolas Pesce at the "The Grudge" special stage on Day 1 of Comic Fiesta 2019.

24 Dec – Creeping onto the big screen this January is "The Grudge", the fourth instalment of the American horror movie series that's based on Japan's "Ju-On" franchise.

Actress Lin Shaye and director Nicolas Pesce were recently in Malaysia for the movie's Southeast Asia press junket, which included a special stage for fans at Comic Fiesta 2019.

Here comes the Ju-On ghosts! These "ghosts" appeared on stage before the actress and director did.

The duo took the stage to talk about the upcoming movie, share several exclusive footages and answer fans' questions regarding it.

When a fan asked Shaye to name her favourite horror movie, the Godmother of Horror smilingly replied, "I have to say "The Grudge"."

"This was an extraordinary character to play and even though I've done other horror films, I never had the opportunity to dive down this deep in terms of the horror of the character and I love working with Nick, he's a wonderful director," she explained.

John Cho saying hi to fans via a video message.

When Pesce was asked if there would be a sequel, the horror filmmaker said that if fans supported it enough, then he'd be more than happy to continue making more.

Aside from the special stage, the duo also held an autograph session afterwards. Fans who were not content with just seeing the duo up close also had the chance to immerse themselves in the movie, in a way, by visiting the "The Grudge" booth at Hall 4.

Fans lining up to enter the "The Grudge" booth.

Held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), the 2-day Comic Fiesta was also attended by media from nearby countries such as Cambodia and the Philippines to all the way from Mexico, as well as fans that also come from various countries such as Korea and Japan.

"The Grudge", starring Lin Shaye as Faith Matheson, John Cho as Peter Spencer, Betty Gilpin as Nina Spencer, Andrea Riseborough as Detective Muldoon and Demián Bichir as Detective Goodman, opens in cinemas on 2 January 2020.

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